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That said, once it's all done, she's still fairly comfortable, even if I'm taking a pillion as well. The best thing about the hornet is it can be in any mood you like without any hard work. Gebruikte, tweedehands Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2000-2002 (CB600F CB600S PC34/36) motoronderdelen. By Visordown. I love it and it has got soul. Great value holder. Only poor tank range lets it down. OK, I'm a bit harsh mostly for personal reasons. Handling was good, engine was good, gearbox as well except for the odd false neutral. Very basic equipment, depending on what you do I'd fit a USB charging socket - great for charging your phone if you want to use it as a Sat Nav. Honda CB600F Hornet 1998-2002 Het oermodel van de 600cc Hornet. It makes for added kick. There's basically nothing in between; in the middle rev ranges it makes a loud buzzing noise (hence the name?) The rubber stalks supporting indicators perished but replaced with help of a friend. It had started every spring after cold winter no problem. I managed to pick up a cheap 2000 model with the 17" front wheel and 30k on the clock, its great fun. Also it's a small bike which is good for short arses like me. Only thing I would say it can feel a bit vibey in the pegs and bars which limits my confidence to push it to higher revs, however it's so simple to maintain and I love that with this bike I'll never have to visit a mechanic ever again. Ultimately the suspension is budget, even the USD forks are more fashion than function but it’ll take a fast track day for most bikers to fault it. And finally fuel consumption that is around 6l/100km which is high for quiet pottering. All registered in England and Wales. Extremely Golf-like as said before. Why spend more? The CB600F Hornet comes with few bells and whistles but it doesn’t really need them. Honda CB600F Hornet onderdelen, accessoires. Reliability is superb. Having passed my bike test 2 yrs ago i opted to go for a 1999 hornet as my 1st big bike and boy was it impressive. The engine is great for me, reliable and feels so solid. ... HONDA CB 600 F Hornet 2006 CB600F. Main concern is stopping to refuel as small tank. Five years ago, Honda decided to enter the "middleweight standard" market in Europe by slipping a softened-up version of the CBR600F3 motor into the frame of the budget-oriented Hornet 250 model. HONDA CB 600 F Hornet 2006 CB600F. Zeer mooie honda cb900f hornet in de unieke kleur mat zwart!! I own a 98 Hornet and its better than you think. starts on the button - never let me down in the 3 years I've had it now - used all year round. The brakes felt strong but a newbie like me would need ABS which this bike didn't have but the new model does. It was running at that point but has not been used since. Gebruikte, tweedehands Honda CB 600 S Hornet 2000-2002 (niet gebruiken) motoronderdelen. Nothing , this engine runs like a jewel and power all the way up the rev range .....Carbs are still better than fuel injection IMHO if set up well..... if you back off the gas , you can just scrape 50mpg if you ride like a vicar (old one). The engine is bullet proof and provided you keep it spinning it goes like stink, handling is excellent with a new hagon shock and avon st storms fitted. It's not a sport bike. Ride from kirkcaldy to Essex a few years ago when I bought it and felt I cdve ridden to Dover and on it was so comfy.since then have done rospa and feel as though my bike is perfect for me! Test ridden lots of other bikes, but the hornet suits me just fine.The only bike that I'd change for would be the 2007 hornet (in blue). Honda cb600f hornet acceleration, sound, 0-100 & more. With a few extras like a fmf powercore exhaust, Dynojet kit, k&n airfilter and sticky pilot power 2ct tires. even though i had a slight off on a track day(i blame the suspension), I am a stick to the speed limits slow rider, but even I give this loaner a bit of stick. Straightline power is a little lower than my pals CBR600F, but through the twisties I'm on his tail all the time. i still love it including the battle scars. I have a 2006 honda hornet. Plus points: Big problem to get the engine going again, and some issues with fuel hose folding shut. Can’t fault it. Bihr Hoofdremcilinder reservoir revisie set voor en achter Honda CB 600 Hornet 2002. € 59,50. Great bike - light handling nippy and becoming more sought after. But will it still offer up the vibey ride and shonky tank range of its top-selling predecessor? But had Honda listened to the buying public and sorted the new bike? If you rev it hard it can eat some oil...need to check every 2500km and refill. Neutral riding postion & it uses ths CBR mill. Ultra-reliable, stylish, comfortable and easy to ride both around town and at a reasonable pace. Honda CB600F Hornet 1998-2002 Het oermodel van de 600cc Hornet. The Hornet is a decent secondhand buy (I reckon they were overpriced new) but unless the sportbike riding position is a total turn-off for you a CBR of a similar vintage is a far better option -- better cycle parts, better finish, and a totally linear power delivery that means it's actually easier to ride than its naked cousin. s vertion is generaly less saught after so cheaper and has usually belonged to more serious owners as opposed to boyracer n vertion. Apart from that and the new paint schemes, everything else on the new Hornet remains the same as on its predecessor. Very pleased with mine and will be keeping it a good while yet! Brilliant bike, just amazing. Strengths:  Build quality (good for a "budget" bike)comfort, performance and handling are good enough for most of the time,  a good comprimse. (bj 2002) CB900. It is worth around 2000 now. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. In Europe it topped the two-wheeler sales charts in 2001 and finishing runner-up to the SH150 in 2002 … Upgrade the rear shock too - I was fortunately to have an Ohlins on mine and the comfort is amazing. 3500 miles & 4 months later (including 1300 miles in 8 days around Northern Ireland) and I'm well pleased with my Hornet, it can do almost everything well. The rev counter needle bangs round to the red line and settles back on zero while the LCD display shows the rider exactly what it is capable of. Mad thrash or gentle cruise – the CB600F Hornet copes with both without breaking a sweat. In 2004 the half-faired S was dropped from the range while 2005 saw the Hornet receive a new set … Also called: Hornet 600, CB600F . Another issue is the tank size, whilst it says 17 litres I would say only 13 or 14 of it as actually useable as a lot of fuel is wasted on the right side due to the design of the tank. The bottom yoke will corrode plus the stainless steel down pipes discolour but otherwise the finish is quite tough. Now she’s back to her normal self. I find I hit reserve after around 100 miles and then when I fill up, I put in about 10 litres until it's full. This bike would be great as a commuter because it was easy to ride and slip through traffic. A very capable all rounder. No unwanted vibrations at any speed, no hesitation and even in top gear at 15mph the new bike pulls beautifully without any judder. Nice handling and power for what it is . Nothing wrong... nothing especially nice either. Version: Last of carb model with upside down forks. I Improved my forks by using 5 denser fork oil than standard (only do if your seals go,as standard is ok). Søg billige Honda CB 600 F Hornet og sammenlign priser fra både forhandlere og private. Only downsides, lack of fuel gauge, not a problem once your used to it, 100 miles then fill and never have a problem. I never bought my bike brand new and since then it’s had many upgrades, that’s why I’ve made this a 5 star I love the fact it’s so easy to personalise, My preferred tyres are Pirelli Diablo. Excellent to learn, and lot's of power to go on from there. Buying experience: I bought privately, the bike cost me £1400 but did require some attention which I done instantly. On the road it was so simple to ride fast/slow long or short distance/in or out of traffic the only problem with distance was the fuel stops, 90 miles to a tank when you were enjoying yourself. This was soon followed in 1998 by the Hornet 600 which proved very popular in European markets. Not a complete test I know but just my thoughts after a day with the bike. By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from that may occasionally include promotional content, MV Agusta and Akrapovič sign industrial partnership, Competition Werkes to release Triumph Rocket 3 GP Slip-On Exhaust. I adore that engine...and it's got a sweet oval delkevic that sounds amazing, I've changed the oil and the bottom hose clip this year, Those dual white dials and the orange dash lighting are right up my street, Buying experience: 800 quids! That said, she's always been very forgiving, even on those rare 'torrential rain' occasions and I've never felt out of my depth on her. Seriously...why? Motor is voorzien van windscherm, hyperpro vering, sp spiegels en st. 2002. Added with a good exhaust it turns it into a screamer. My brother had a grey import 250 which was unreal. Its very good beginner bike, very forgiving with good handling. No breakdowns or failures, good Honda quality, very reliable. Original brakes are rubbish but upgrade to Goodridge braided brake lines and better pads and you make miracles happen on that part, other than that ride quality is good. The Honda CB600F's seat is not the comfiest ever but it is acceptable. Click here for the 10 best parts for the Honda Hornet 600, as recommended by real owners at Now the bike is running so well and it's an absolute joy to ride. She even comfortably keeps up with litre bikes through the bends, making quite an impressive machine. The CB600F Hornet’s still a wise buy – used values are solid and parts and extras are plentiful. This bike sounded even better than the 600 because it had gear driven cams and it made a beautiful whining sound and it would rev to 16000rpm. Strengths: Ease of use. Production: 1998-2012 . Had mine out not too long ago, Hit 150 m.p.h and still had 6th left. Showa 41mm USD front forks, taken straight from the '05 CBR600RR, have replaced the previous conventional set-up, but without any adjustment. км. Buying experience: Bought privately from second owner. Camchain tensioner failure is the motorcycle's only weakness. i have had my hornet for a couple of months now... the good things are that its got a very low seat height therefore making it excellent for novices... its really easy to handle in the city traffic and great fun on twisty roads... the only big problem with the bike is the horrible fuel economy... i get 35 MPG in the city and around 43 mpg on motorways... even after keeping the rpm under 4000! In tegenstelling tot de Hornet 900 één uitlaat, zijdelings en hoog gemonteerd. Pro-Bolt Afstandshouder Remleidingen Honda CB 600 Hornet 2002. € 7,90 - € 13,00 (3) In the last couple of years the battery has since died and its now a non runner. Se alle brugte Honda CB 600 F Hornet til salg på 123mc - Danmarks største MC-marked. Lower yoke is know to corrode but mine is fine (keep it clean and spray protector on it). Pillion accommodation is mediocre. Super comfy for a shorter like me. Easy to maintain, and swap out (if need be) all engine parts are easily sourceable on eBay. So for 2005 Honda knew it would have to make some changes if it wanted to joust for that illustrious top spot once more. Terrible fuel economy plus piss poor tank capacity, Looks a little cheap, yolk rusts, bugger all midrange, windblast above 70mph. Would I buy one.....probaly not, mainly because my biking is a daily forty mile commute every single day winter and summer and for me a bike that commute very day needs a fairing, ABS and better MPG. He started trying to sort out the fuel tank & carbs (corrosion) and didn't succeed. At the same time though, she's very comforatble, making it a pleasure to ride over long distances. I would definatly have another Hornet 600 were it not for the tank range, I loved it. As my engine is restricted to 33bhp, I can't comment on the true effectiveness of the engine either, yet even now it is responsive and smooth and allows me to accelerate quickly out of all manners of hazards, and the 45mpg I'm averaging is nice too. Pro: easy, very easy handling, it's a lightweight machine & reminds me the handling of my Cagiva Planet 125. MPG. Let op: Er kunnen universele artikelen worden getoond die niet geschikt zijn. Cost me blood, sweat & teers (and the money for second hand carbs) to get it going, almost gave up at one point. This is a Honda CB600 Hornet 2002. ... the 900cc Hornet does hide a lot of fun under its sensible, ... solid bike that is reassuringly chunky and a great step upward from a naked 600. I replaced the rear shock as it is nearly a decade old and I am 17 stone. Ads are free. How does the Triumph Rocket 3 make all that power? Shop with confidence on eBay! It's fantastic. Plenty of power and excellent reliability from the Honda CB600Fs inline four. It might be a 'naked CBR600F' but anyone who's ridden the faired bike will know how much better it is. Bungy hooks seem flimsy too. It's as good as the more expensive fz6 or gsr 600, looks cool, is cheap to run and totaly reliable. the engine feels as though it could go on forever. The new clock layout comes alive when the ignition is turned on. I only had a 05 plate Hornet for a day as a courtesy bike as my new CBF500 was in for some minor warranty work. Very good old school engine, bulletproof. Honda cb600f hornet 2006 zwart 47.800Km showroomprijs 3.900-Euro - inruil mogelijk - prijs bij geen inruil 3.650-Euro incl. HONDA CB600F HORNET for sale with MCN. Since its launch in 1998 the CB600F Hornet has been a massive success story for Honda. Tourmax Remklauw borgpen set Honda CB 600 Hornet 2002. € 12,25. Aftermarket brake pads increase bite. The Hornet has always been a well-sorted bike. It performed unbelievably well but had so much grip and the ability to corner so well it was more suited to the track than the road to get the best out of the handling of this machine. HONDA CB600F HORNET (1998-2006) Review, Specs & Prices | MCN The front suspension gave much better feeling and feedback, and in no time the footrests were scraping as I found myself hanging off the bike in full 'trackday' mode trying to set a new lap record around the Spanish hills. Tyres have done 5,000km rear and 10,000km front (250€ per set).

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